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Comments from Visitors in 2022

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Visitors to the Masjid in 2022 have shared with us their thoughts after the visit. Some of their comments and their photos can be seen below.
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2022. 9.15 Nagoya University, professor and students

・By attending the lecture in the masjid and seeing the reality of Muslims with various attires, native languages, level of the Quranic comprehension, nationalities and etc, the diversity of Muslims in general could be felt even more surreal even though the previous studies helped us to get a glimpse of it. Also the topic of gender was really memorable too. After the session I felt the importance of not always connecting the situation of individuals in particular countries with religion, rather we should focus on the core essence and reality of the discussed targets and related environments. Also we had a chance to reflect on the huge effect of media and social networks on the peoples` lives after hearing voices of the second generation Muslims. To protect the young victims of the hostile social narratives existing even in schools, I thought we should approach teachers and educational systems first so that we can widen their perspectives. In order to achieve this we need more workshops and curriculums dedicated for this purpose. I really appreciate this precious time we had here today.

・In the pre-visiting studies, I was assuming that we students don’t carry much of the stereotypes towards Muslims since in our university we’re learning about different cultures. Although, after the lecture when I looked back at the questions I prepared, I noticed that I was also having some biased perspectives. Because I realised that based on the knowledge I accumulated from the reading materials, I was assuming that Islam had misogynistic belief hence causing obstacles when it comes to the female empowerment in the society. But the reality of Islamic gender view was much different than what I thought it to be, therefore  I noticed the danger of believing in self accumulated knowledge to be a complete worldview.

・Thanks a lot for today’s talks with a lot of precious learnings. The lecturer was really well spoken and nice. The most memorable learning from today’s lecture is the second generation Muslims here need the rhetoric and materials to dissolve the stereotypes and misconceptions towards Islam, and also the opportunity to do so through the dialogue. Also it was really nice to hear a lot of voices and opinions of the actual second generations in person. I want to have this opportunity again, thanks for today`s talks.

2022. 9.10 Sugiyama Jyogakuin University, student

・I really appreciate everyone for allowing me to borrow their precious time to have research cooperation. I was able to gather vivid and  precious information of Muslim lives which can`t be grasped from readings, therefore it was pretty informative time together. I hope to use these learnings to its best and would like to shape a professional graduation thesis.

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