Masjid Nagoya, Bab al-islam Masjid Gifu

To Brothers and Sisters

To Brothers and Sisters participating in Gatherings held in Masjid Nagoya, PLEASE…

1. Keep some space around the first row, and around the door of the prayer room.

It would make it easier for all Muslims, including first-comers to enter the prayer room without hesitation.

2. Inform the Imam beforehand when holding a gathering with food and drinks.

Also, make sure to use the blue sheet. If anything is spilt on the wall or the carpet, please clean it. If there is a stain hard to clean off, inform the Imam as quick as possible.

3. Clean the room after the gathering. And take litter home with you.

The prayer room is left dirty sometimes. Please help us keep the Masjid clean by generally taking litters home with you.

4. Boys in elementary or younger are only allowed in the Womens Prayer Room.

Any children above that are considered as men, and should be in the Mens Prayer Room.

5. It is strongly prohibited to distribute or sell pamphlets, brochures, books, etc…

If you are wishing to do so, make sure to get a permission stamp from the Imam first.

6. When collecting Sadaqa, get permission from the Imam beforehand.

It is prohibited to collect Sadaqa without permission from Masjid Nagoya. If you wish to do so, inform the Imam before, about what the Sadaqa is for. If you see a Sadaqa box that is unsure of what it is for, do not donate, and please inform the Imam.

7. Any small trouble, please let us know.

Whatever the trouble is, the Imam is always in the office for you. There is also a notebook, so please write down the matter, and your contact number, just incase we might need to contact you later.

8. Please understand that the Masjid is taking all financial burdens and we need your help.

We are trying our best to maintain Masjid Nagoya comfortable for all Muslims. It would really help if you could kindly give Sadaqa when holding gatherings. Please give the collected donation to the Imam directly. Your generosity will help the Muslims in Nagoya.

If the Imam is not in the office when you need him,Please contact him or the Representative of Masjid Nagoya on the following number.

Imam 080-4220-9375 (Ahmed)
Representative of Masjid Nagoya 090-7032-6409 (Qureshi)

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