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For Lectures at Your Organization

The Masjid offers lectures introducing Islam to educational institutions and other organizations.キャプチャ
» If you wish for a visit to the Masjid, details can be seen here.

<How to apply for a lecture>
Please send us an e-mail here.

  1. Name of organization
  2. Name of a representative, and his/her e-mail address
  3. Date of the lecture
  4. Topic of the lecture
  5. Date of meeting prior to the lecture (Please provide us with dates at least a week in advance, so that we may adjust meetings smoothly without clashes)

<Lectures offered in the past>
Leaflets/posters, pictures, and comments received from some of the previous lectures can be seen from the link below.
After 2020.
Before 2019.

<List of Recent Lectures>
Below is a list of lectures offered in the last 3 years.

  • 2017.12.5 Chukyo University, “Problems Muslim children face in Japan” (Planned)
  • 2017.5.23 Naze-chiku Koutou-Gakkou Shakaika Kyouiku Kenkyuukai, “Introduction to Islam ~Realities of Muslim children in Japanese schools~”
  • 2017.4.15 Osaka Islamic Center, “Muslimah Networking Event, Parenting for Muslims”
  • 2017.2.9 Aichi Prefectural Government, Tourism Bureau, Kokusai Convention-ka, “Seminar for Welcoming Muslims”
  • 2016.12.24 Aichi St.Luke’s Church, “A Message for Peace”
  • 2016.12.6 Graduate School of Fujita Health University, “Introduction to Islam”
  • 2016.11.28 Port and harbor Authority, City of Yokohama, Training for Human Rights Awareness “Discrimination against Muslims”
  • 2016.11.19 Meito Rinsho Kenkyukai, “Introduction to Islam”
  • 2016.11.1 Kenkou Café, Nonami Nihon 1 no Kai, “Islam for Beginners”
  • 2016.10.30 Nagoya Nakamura Church, United Church of Christ in Japan, “My Family”
  • 2016.12.24 Chubu-Kyouku, Aichi Nishichiku Kyoushibu Iinkai, United Church of Christ in Japan, “Christianity and Islam: Differences and Similarities”
  • 2016.6.18 Nagoya YWCA, “Muslim Children living in this region”
  • 2016.6.15 Asahi University, “Introduction to Islam”
  • 2016.6.12 Bihoku, Bisei, Binan Branch, Aichi-ken Koutouggakkou Kyoushoku-in Kumiai, “Islamic Teachings, Muslim Lifestyles, and Muslim Children”
  • 2016.2.29 Nagoya YWCA, “Muslim Children living in this region”
  • 2016.2.22~2.24 Gifu Prefectural Government, Kankou Kokusaikyoku, Kankou Yuuchi-ka, “Seminar on how to increase Muslim Tourists”
  • 2016.2.9 Soto-shu, Gifu branch, “Islamic belief and lifestyle”
  • 2016.1.30 Aichi History Educationalist Conference of Japan, “The state of Islamic regions today”
  • 2016.1.24 Dai-Nagoya University Network, “Understanding Islam ~Observing the world from Nagoya Masjid~”
  • 2015.12.1 Atsuta-ku Chiiki Josei Katsudou Sokushin・Jinken Sonchou no Machizukuri Goudou Jigyou Jikkou Iinkai, “Different Cultures and Human Rights, Let’s understand it together! Different Culture in Scool life (Islamic Culture)”
  • 2015.7.11 Asahi Culture Center, “Islam from a Muslim Perspective”
  • 2015.7.4 Asian Health Institute, “Teach us Ms. Sarah! Islam we wanted to know”
  • 2015.7.4 Muslim Student Association of Japan, “Dawa in Japan and the role of the youth”
  • 2015.6.18 Matsumoto City, Tounan Asia Ryokou Gaisha Shouhei Jigyou, “How to welcome Muslims”
  • 2015.6.10 Aichi University, “Introduction to Islam”
  • 2015.4.24 Nihon Fukushi University, “The Christian World from a Muslim Perspective”
  • 2015.3.20 Shinshu Otani-ha, Nagoya Kyo-ku Kyouka Center, “A conversation between Shishu and Islam”
  • 2015.3.19 Gendai Shukyo Kenkyuukai, “What is Islam?”
  • 2015.2.18 Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Seminar on a Halal welcoming”
  • 2014.7.3 Kinjo Gakuin University, “Introduction to Islam”
  • 2014.6.26 Chubu Centrair International Airport, “Service for Muslims”
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