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Visitors to the Masjid in 2021 have shared with us their thoughts after the visit. Some of their comments and their photos can be seen below.
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2021.8.7 Tour Attendant

・Thank you for allowing me to visit a masjid. The tour participants commented positively for a great experience here, and some even said “We must study more about Islam”. What impressed me most about the talk by Mr. Amin was “God is always seeing”, and the fact he was smiling the whole time! I appreciate for setting such an opportunity for us.

2021.8.5 Public High School in Nagoya city, Teachers

・I understood that there several kinds of difficulities that Muslims are facing. Although my profesion is social studies, I realized how shallow my knowledge was. It was very interesting especially when each small key terms I knew were connected by her talk. I was shocked how parents gets worried for their kids going to Masjid for learning, even for students from intelligent school. I had also heard something like this before from a Chinese person. I noticed that there still are many things we teachers can do. Tokyo Olimpic is ongoing, and today, we are living in a place where many people from various backgrounds are also together. However, I think I haven’t had enough understanding for me to teach in class. It would be very helpful if I can ask some simple questions again. Thank you.
・”Islam is a flexible religon, 2 billion Muslims may have their each way of practicing precise things.” These words remanined in my head since last time. Today is my first time visiting the masjid, and I felt those words by my own eyes. I used imagine Islam to be more strict, but they were like “You may take photos, if you would like to.” I was surprised! They were much more friendly than I expected. They had more noble manners that we non-Muslims know, and it seemed like they were doing it naturally from their faith, not being forced by anone. It felt really comfotable for me. I learnt that (positively) they are not ‘special’. Therefore, we should stop treating them in a alien manner. The talker gave us bountiful yet benefical facts in a short time, but I would like visit again to know more. Thank you so much.

2021. 6. 6 Shigakukan University, Assistant Professor and Student

・I was surprised by how little I knew about Islam. It was totally different. I am glad to realize that I had a lot of misunderstandings. I believe there are many Japanese who also are misunderstanding. I want more people to know, and I personally want to know much deeper about this. I was impressed by the Muslim’s greeting “Assalam Alaikum” is so wonderful!
・Thank you for such a precious time. The Muslims in my imagination were having tough situations with very strict regulations. However, it was not harsh as I imagined and my impression had completely changed. I also thought the industry of Halal certification was contributing so much to Muslims, but I agreed on having detailed information with multilingual illustrations is much more important than Halal marks. Lastly, I was expecting Ms. Sarah to be more inflexible and very strict, but rather she was so friendly and I enjoyed it so much!

2021. 3. 26 Aichi Gakuin University, Associate Professor

・I have learned a lot. We should not think one Muslim’s action defines all the Muslims in Japan. Moreover, I got the answers about which I was concerned. The fact that there are some organizations that recommend excessive acts on how to approach a Muslim. Not only would I use the learnings for my paper, but I would also like to share it with my students in class.

2021.2.13 A first grader with his parent

・Praying 5 times every day seems to be hard. But, I was amazed that it is normal for them. And the prayer we were looking at was cool.
・We decided to visit Masjid Nagoya since our family would like to host a Muslim exchange student, but we were worried that it may be difficult to serve them well. As I looked into books and pieces of information on the internet, I found that all seasonings like Shoyu and Miso must be labeled with a Halal mark, and all meats must be Halal certified, thus, I thought dealing with them in Japan would be very hard. However, I was relieved by the detailed lecture today. I learned that we must be careful about pork but there are Muslims who accept other meats, and some foods are eatable when we go out to eat. The important thing is to show them what we can do, and let them judge by themselves rather than deciding what they can’t eat before asking. I was very happy that the talker used easy words so that my son could also understand. Thank you very much.

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