There are many Young Muslims facing problems in regard to their future paths. It is especially difficult for those in homes where parents are foreigners, due to a lack of understanding about the educational system of Japan. There are children that do not receive adequate support, fail in making a wise decision of which high school to go into, resulting in them dropping out of school. With support from Aichi prefectural government Tabunka-kyosei Suishin-shitsu, we organized a consultation event for foreigners again this year. Below is a brief summary of the event.

Time & Date: February 22nd (Sat). 3:40pm-5pm
Venue: Masjid Nagoya, 4F Prayer room
31 Participants

< Reports from coordinators of SYM Nagoya >
・Children that come to Masjid Nagoya were given as example. Compared to those with a Japanese mother, the number of children with a foreign-born mother enter less into high school. Also the number of drop outs are higher for those that do enter high school (See graph). The fact is, more than half of students that drop out school end up following the path of misdeeds. To graduate high school, it is most important to consider the aspect of suitability and Japanese learning, when choosing a high school.

< Talk from Tabunka-Kyosei manager >
・Graduating high school opens the gate to further education or Employment. High school graduates have 400times more job offers than junior high school graduates. Furthermore, the salary for full-time employees is 2 times more than the salary given to part-time employees.
・To pass high school entrance exam, lifestyle during junior high school (Ex. not being absent or late, completing homework), academic abilities and interview skills are important. Moreover, Japanese ability should not remain to daily conversation level but one should obtain the level of Japanese ability used in academics.
・The education fee for children, even in the case where kindergarten to high school is entirely public, would cost more than ten million yen. Which is why it is recommended to utilize subsidies for parenting and education.

<Talk from senior Muslim>
・Due to having school attendance difficulty, I got into a correspondence high school that was not difficult to enter. However, it did not have a good support system for students, and it made me struggle when graduating, as wells as entering university. Which is why much importance should be placed when choosing a high school.
・Because I was bad at Japanese, I chose a university that I can study in English. As long as you graduate high school, you have many options so first focus on graduating.


This year, 2 Muslim university student shared their own experience and insights. Another Muslim university student as well, helped translate the presentation to English. These Muslim students surely must have looked like good role models for the participants from the fair.May this event help in making foreign children’s future bright, and prevent them from having to give up on entering into high school and also dropping out after admission.

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