At Masjid Nagoya, there is a space where the youth can gather, named SYM (Space for Young Muslims). Below are some events organized by them recently.

・“SYM Japanese Club” Date: January 25th (Sat) Time: 5~6pm Place: Masjid Nagoya Community Room Participants: 2 Student Volunteers & 5 Young Muslims “SYM Japanese Club” has been operating since August 2019, with the objective of bettering Japanese language capabilities amongst foreign born young Muslims. Once a month, students from Chukyo University volunteer to help, and support Japanese learning. This month, young Muslims wrote a short 200 letter essay in Japanese about their future dreams. ※ For more details regarding “SYM Japanese Club”, please click here.

・Mini Kouryukai (Exchange Event) Date: January 25th (Sat) Time: 6~7pm Place: Masjid Nagoya Cafe Participants: 1 Student Volunteer and 1 Professor from Chukyo University & 13 Young Muslims After the “SYM Japanese Club”, volunteers are always welcomed into the SYM gathering and exchanging opinions and ideas amongst each other. This month, an event named “Muslim Daikiri (Japanese comedy)” was organized. When the theme was “what is the new feature included in a new model refrigerator?”, an answer was “all things become Halal”. In a different theme “A restaurant that no one wants to go”, an answer given was “Inshallah, food is coming soon”. This also became a goos Dawah practice opportunity for young Muslims, as they were explaining some terms and culture unfamiliar to the non-Muslim participants.