1st November 2019 (Fri)
Police officers visited the Masjid to give a short talk after Jumu’ah (Friday prayers).

Nakamura police station has always been great helps to us in this area. Today, officers from the station visited the Masjid to explain a few points for the people that gathered. They showed their hospitality by beginning with “Assalam Alaikum”, and then proceeded to explain important points in a way easy to understand, by pronouncing each word using simple Japanese. A big thank you to the officers. Below are some points mentioned.

  • There will be traffic restriction and inspection in Nagoya due to the upcoming G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in late November. People are thus advised to use public transport as much as possible during this period. For details of traffic restriction and inspection, refer to the Aichi police homepage (English flyer available).

  • For 16 consecutive years, Aichi prefecture has had the greatest number of traffic deaths in Japan. To avoid these accidents, it is important to take safety measures such as using the safety reflector when walking at night.

  • Yard regulations to prevent dismantling of stolen cars will take effect in December. People who own yards are obliged to report to the police. If this is not done, they will be penalized without knowing. For details, refer to the Aichi police website (English and Urdu flyers available).