Students from Aichi Prefectural High-school visited the Masjid earlier this month in an event to interact with the Muslim youth. They have gotten to know each other, and today, the same high-school students decided to try fasting. The Muslim youth offered an optional Nafl fast to have Iftaar with them all together.
Date: July 27th (Thu.)
Place: Community Room
Participants: 4 Japanese high-school students. 8 Muslim junior-high and high-school students (5 boys 3 girls)

断食The high-school students and the Muslim youth created a group on SNS to prepare for this day. They woke up early and talked online with each other as they had their Suhoor, and encouraged each other during the day as they all continued their fast in their own different life routines. As the sun started to set, they started to gather in the Masjid one by one. They shared their experiences and thoughts until they heard the Athan, and broke their fast with dates and fruits. After the prayer, they gathered once again to enjoy the Egyptian cuisine including chicken breast and okra cooked in tomato, as well as beef kebab. This day has become an enjoyable experience for all in getting to know each other better then before.

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Below are the comments from the Muslim youth.
・I was really happy that the non-Muslims were interested in Saum, and that today was their first time experiencing it. It was so fun fasting with everyone today. (12th grade, boy)
・Fasting is usually seen as something different and abnormal, but I was really happy that they experienced it today! (12th grade, girl)
・I am so glad that this event happened today, because events like these lead to removing the misunderstandings and prejudices towards Islam as well. (12th grade, boy)
・Through fasting all together and actually experiencing Islam, I think we were able to understand each other very deeply. I feel blessed that they deepened their understanding of Islam to a huge extent. (12th grade, boy)
・In the midst of the news about IS and their crimes of murder, and in Japan where Islam is misunderstood, I am extremely happy that they actually decided to experience and understand the life of Islam. (10th grade, girl)
・As I fasted today even though I had to do hard training for my sports activity in the morning, I was able to understand how the people that cannot eat in such intense heat are feeling. (10th grade, boy)
・Today’s event was so fun because it had a friendly casual atmosphere. It was nice talking about so many things, including topics about Islam and topics outside Islam as well. Thank you for coming all the way here from far away! And thank you for planning and making this event happen! (11th grade, boy)

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