DSC_0432Eid Mubarak!
The Eid prayer was offered at Fukiage Hall on the 25th of June. As it was a Sunday, more than 2000 Muslim brothers and sister gathered at the venue.

In the speech after prayer, the Imam mentioned that the very fact we are able to pray is already a blessing from Allah. We were encouraged to appreciate this blessing and to walk on the straight path.

For the children that pray and behave well on Eid, the Masjid attempts to reward them through various snacks and candy. On this day, the young Muslim sisters worked together to distribute the prizes and greet the children one by one with an “Eid Mubarak”. May Allah reward them all for their efforts.

The Zakat-Fitrah collected today will be sent to Syria entirely. May this be a means to help our brothers and sisters suffering in Syria.

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