‘Ramadan’ is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. This month, which is when Prophet Muhammad received the revelation, is a month very special to all Muslims. From dawn to sunset, it is well known that we fast from eating and drinking. However, this is also a month where we are encouraged to increase our prayers, read more Quran, be extra careful not to talk bad about others, control ourselves from becoming angry, and fight a lot of desires that we have. Also, in this month, the rewards for our good deeds are multiplied greatly.

170618清掃 (2)It was our pleasure to engage in such opportunity, by walking around to clean our neighborhood. In response to our announcement the day before, around 20 Muslims including children gathered. Looking at the map of the area, we were divided in to 4 teams, all tasked to clean their own designated areas. After this was complete, the rubbish was brought in front of the Masjid. We then separated it into different bags of burnables, and recyclable rubbish of cans, bins, and plastic bottles, into a total of 9 bags. This was also an amazing opportunity to better our relation with our neighbors, as we greeted them while we worked and were given words such as “Gokurousama” and “Otsukareasama” in return (words that include the meaning of “good job”, “nice effort”, “thank you” ).

We only have a few days left of Ramadan. May all of us be able to engage in plenty of good deeds. May Allah be pleased with the good deeds that we take, and may He accept all of them.

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