DSC_0391Half the month of Ramadan has already past.
At Masjid Nagoya, Iftar is offered everyday to the 100 ~ 300 men and women that gather.
The menu changes daily, from Egyptian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Bangladeshi, to Pakistani, Turkish, and even Japanese cuisine. On this day, the Japanese Muslimah organized a Japanese Iftar, including Katsu-don, Gyoza, and Korokke. The dinner was joined and enjoyed by our neighbor from the neighborhood association as well as by a highschool student that came to visit the Masjid.
Everyone, whether a Muslim or not, are warmly welcomed for a free Iftar. To those that are interested, do bring along your friends, and join us for the experience.
(For those that are coming for the first time, it is advised that you send us an e-mail so that we may guide you)
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