DSC_0534The Masjid was filled up throughout the entire month of Ramadan. Large numbers gathered for Iftar, Taraweeh continued until late at night, Tahajjud was offered before dawn, and noise was made by the footsteps and the talks by those that gathered for Suhoor and Fajr… We might have caused a lot of disturbance to our neighbors in this month. Yet, they continued to show us their warm understanding and support.
In hope of expressing our appreciation and apologies, we prepared dates and message cards as Eid gifts this year again. Several Muslim brothers and sisters gathered in response to our announcement, and went out with the gifts to knock on the doors of the houses one by one in the surrounding area. It was our pleasure to greet not only the chairman of the neighborhood association, who has always been so kind to us, but also other neighbors that we do not have opportunities to interact with so often. May Allah bless the brothers and sisters that came to make this happen.

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※Dates are one of the food the Prophet Muhammad enjoyed eating. It has long been an essential source of nutrition in the Arab world as it is rich in Potassium which lowers blood pressure, Calcium which strengthens bones, Magnesium which regulates the function of the intestine, Iron which increases blood, Zinc which betters the immune system, Carotene which has an antioxidant effect, and other beneficial nutrition such as Vitamin and Dietary fiber. May our small gifts find all our neighbors happy.