DSC_0528During the month of Ramadan the mosque was crowded with a large number of Muslims. We may have disturbed the neighbours with all sorts of noise such as by Iftar crowdedness, Taraweeh lasting till late night, Tahajjud in the middle of the night, and footsteps of people gathering at Suhoor and Fajr… Yet, we could finish Ramadan safely with no complaint even once, and that is due to cooperation from Muslims who are gathering at the mosque and also we are grateful to the warm feelings from the neighbours. Therefore, we carried some dates as a modest Eid present and went the rounds of the neighbours to greet them.

 EIDのごあいさつ 160708 160708(1)

※Date is known to be one of the preferred foods by prophet Muhammad.
It is an essential source of nutrition in Arab world form long ago because it contains Potassium which brings down the blood pressure, Calcium which strengthen bones, Magnesium which has a function of regulating the intestine, Iron which has a function of increasing the blood, Zinc which increases the immunity ability, Carotene which has a function of an antioxidant, in addition to vitamins and abundant food fibers.