12 Muslim junior and senior high school students sat with the mosque-visiting students from Aichi prefecture’s public High school. The following lines describe the situation (of that meeting).

Date and Time: 23rd of July (Saturday) between 6:00 and 6:30
Place: prayer room in forth floor of Masjid Nagoya.
Attendants: 6 males and 6 females.

Two senior high school students examining a plan to coordinate with Islam in a cultural festival came to the mosque led by their teacher of world history. After they had received a presentation about Islam from the mosque for about 1 hour in the beginning, they had some simple interchange time with senior and junior high school Muslim students.

In the context of [verification] as a part of the planning of the cultural festival, and in order to compare “likes and dislikes” of high school Muslim students with those of general high school students, they (guests) raised a few questions. For example, questions like [What kind of afterschool club activities do you do?], [What kind of music do you hear?], [Do you watch animated cartoons?], [Do you like sweet food?] or [Do you like games?]. Almost all the Muslim students were fond of animated cartoons and music; about half of them were already enjoying a new game that was transmitted only the previous day; a result that seemed unexpected (to guests). There was a phrase frequently said by the Muslim children; that was [We want you to know that we are usual]. We think it was a good chance in which we get (others) to understand that (Muslim students) just live under the guidance of Islamic values sense, but they don’t differ with their same generation high school students in other things.

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We heard from the leading teacher that the guest students repeated (it was fun) while they were going back in the car. Moreover, we were also told that they had the impressions of (I want to bring other students) (I was able to soak up a lot of information)
To all Muslim students who kindly attended, your hard work is appreciated, thank you.