20160129...We attended the meeting of representatives of mosques (informal meeting of knowledgeable people) and here is the description of that meeting.
Time: 29th of January 1:30 ~ 5:00 PM
Place: memorial meeting room of Ichi Shima in third floor of International Conference Center in University of Waseda.
Theme: “to think of translating the culture”

20160129..Converted Japanese Muslims from various places in Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Ehime and Fukuoka, gathered for this years’ meeting which made “translating the culture” its theme of, and talked to each other about how to undertake the role of mediation between Islam and the Japanese culture.
Concerning the task of education and character formation of next generation, the attendant from Nagoya reported about the experience of making a circle of (Muslim) junior and senior high school students (in Nagoya mosque) and (about) examples of interchanging (of those students) with non Muslims or with (local) community, and talked about the importance of transmission regarding the task of building relations with (local) community and non Muslim society.
As regards the matter of Halal certificating and Muslim correspondence to that, and although approaching the matter differs from one locality to another, we confirmed our negative attitude towards Halal business of certificating all together.
Each of the topics was an essential and critical item for Islam in Japan, and was difficult to discuss fully in a limited time, however it was a valuable chance for Japanese Muslims to exchange and join ownership of their opinions.
In order to get Islam more understood in Japan, we believe that converted Japanese Muslims, who know both Japanese and Islamic culture, can particularly do something to settle an environment in which Muslims can live easier.
We make Duaa that we can get along with reacting truly with the mission we were granted.