DSC_2735Chairman of editorial staff of “Al-Anbaa` ” Kuwaiti newspaper, Mr. Muhammad Husaini, visited Japan. After he had performed coverage related to politics, economics and tourism in Japan, he called at Nagoya mosque. He listened to our over-one-hour talking about the present situation of Islam in Japan and examples of problems which Nagoya mosque faces. (The idea of) making an Islamic environment by Japanese and for Japanese seemed to have interested him, so while exchanging advises he asked several questions.160131クエート記者 (3)
It I a pleasure to be able to get everybody in Kuwait to know that there are many brothers and sisters of them living far away in a land (called) Nagoya.

Publishing of the report of the above mentioned coverage:
(Photo on the left; from “Al-Anbaa` ” newspaper, on the right; from “Kuwait Times” newspaper))
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