The Interfaith is a marathon consisted by 4 people in a single team that come from various religions. Regardless of their diversity, they each hand over their sash and head towards the goal of this marathon, as a team. To express world peace and unity. This year, Brother Ahmed, the Imam from Masjid Nagoya will participate this Inter faith marathon.

February 20, representatives from various religions will enter Kyoto and each have their prayers at the same location- Daihonzan-Honohji- temple.

February 21st, a team of four people per groups will run 42.195Km within the Kyoto city. Imam Ahmed will start from the Notre Dame Elementary School, as a priest of Shinto-shinshukyo hand over the sash to brother Ahmed. He will then run the 3rd districts to pass on his sash to a priest of Buddist-Sotoshu who will run towards the goal.

We sincerely ask Muslims around the Kansai area to support and cheer from the road side.

Let us make our Duas for our Imam to complete this race and have the protection from Allah, to be part of this wonderful event and to show that coexisting with harmony despite the diversity in beliefs is possible.