There are many Young Muslims facing problems in regard to their future paths. In particular, foreign families who do not understand the Japanese education system find it difficult to provide sufficient support. Some children fail in making a wise decision of which high school to go into, resulting in them dropping out of school. With support from we organized a consultation event for foreigners again this year. Below is a brief summary of the event. We organized an education consultation event for foreigners with the help of the Aichi prefectural government Tabunka-kyosei Suishin-shitsu. Below is a summary of the details.

Time & Date: March 11th (Sat) 3:40-5:00 p.m.
Place: Masjid Nagoya, 4F Prayer Room
25 Participants

< Talk from Tabunka-Kyosei manager >
・Graduating high school opens the gate to further education, and the number and variety of job options increase. High school graduates have 560 times more job offers than junior high school graduates, and recieve higher salary.
・There are two types of school, public and private high schools. Private schools have higher tuition fees than public schools. Either school kids go, they can receive financial support to reduce tuition fees depending on household income.
・There are three courses in high school: full-time(Zennichi-sei), part-time(Teiji-sei), and distance learning course(Tsushin-sei). The full-time system has 6 periods per day for three years. The part-time system has only 4 periods per day, and one can choose to go either during day time or night time. Distant learning course can be done from home, and one only has to go to school on Sunday. The last two types usually requires 4 years for graduation.
・In order to pass the entrance examination for high school, there are 3 important things to do in Junior high school: Good attitude (not absent from school, not late, doing homework every day), academic Japanese ability and to get ready for interview. You need to learn not only the Japanese language you use in your daily life but also the Japanese language you use in your studies. There is a Japanse support program available at International Center.

< Talk from senior Muslim >
・Full-time student (Zennichi-sei): For the Public high school entrance exam, I had to prepare for English, Japanese, math, science, and social studies, so I went to cram school. Unlike high school entrance exams, where students only write memorized answers, the process of how the answer was thought is important in university entrance exams. University exams are harder, but I think this makes us able to find solutions in any difficult challenges in life.
・Part-time student (Teiji-sei): My parents are both foreigners, so I had to study Japanese more than other class mates. I chose the day time Teiji-sei high school, but took the classes full day. I also enjoyed club activities and didn’t fail the scores, so I graduated in three years. Since it was public, the tuition was very cheap. Cheaper than the gym shoes I bought. Now I’m trying to go to university.
・Distance Learning student (Tsushin-sei): During junior high school, it was hard for me to attend school everyday. So I went to a private Tsushin-sei high school. Since it was a private school, the tuition fees were too high for my parents to continue paying. Then I changed to a different school which was Public Teiji-sei school. But it was still difficult for me to go to school every day, and I started cutting classes. After a year, I restarted my first year in Public Tsushin-sei high school. I had a hard time finding a suitable school for me, but I didn’t give up and now I will graduate. From April I am going to two-year university that I wanted.

This time, three high school students spoke about their experiences as senior Muslims, and one university student interpreted their stories into English. We hope they became a good role model for the young participants.
We pray that this session will serve as an opportunity to brighten the future of the children, and foreign children don’t have to give up on going to high school and that they don’t drop out of school.

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The Guidebook for finding high school in Aichi (with Japanese rubi) can be seen by scanning the QR code below.