Eid Mubarak!
Today, on June 15th, over 2000 brothers and sisters gathered for the Eid prayer at Nihon Gaishi Forum.

The chairman of Masjid Nagoya gave a talk on “Why Muslims stop coming to the Masjid” before the prayer. This was based on the many stories he heard from Japanese reverts. There are way too many Japanese Muslims that have stopped coming to the Masjid, because of other Muslims with terrible manners, and those that force their own understanding of Islamic rulings on the reverts with certainty that they are the only ones correct.

On the other hand, he also mentioned a case of a 12 year old boy, who through his actions, showed the beauty of Islam to others around him. His way of conduct was so compelling that, his neigbors, a mother and a child, is now planned to give the Shahadah. We hope that every single one of us can understand, that our manners and actions itself is an act of Dawah. May Allah allow us all to become ideal role models for the Japanese public.

The Imam’s Khutbah after prayer was delivered in Japanese, English, and Arabic. We were reminded to not forget the Barakah of being able to enjoy Eid, and to continue our good deeds towards people that are struggling, and those that might be feeling lonely. Just like Allah loves us and takes care of us, we must at least strive to love, respect and support our brothers and sisters and neighbors as well. We were told, that by spreading peace, supporting the needy, strengthening our family ties, and praying to Allah, we can, inshallah, enter the gardens of Paradise.

The Masjid gives out snacks and sweets to the children that came. Today, the young Muslim boys helped, saying “Eid Mubarak” and distributing the treats to their younger brothers and sisters. May Allah reward them all abundantly.
The Zakat ul-Fitr collected today will all be sent to Palestine.

May this be a means to make better the situation of our brothers and sisters in hardship.