We have participated in the 4th National Muslim Meeting held in Keio University.

Date: 5th August
Time: 1PM~7:30PM
Venue: 2F Tau Building, SFC campus, Keio University
Organized by: Keio Research Institute at SFC, Laboratory of Islamic Studies
Prof. Atsushi OKUDA’s Laboratory for Arabic Islamic Studies
Theme: “Dawah to The Non-Muslim Japanese and the Japanese community”

The first half started off with a keynote speech on “Dawah in Present-day Japan” by
Dr. Atsushi Okuda, professor at the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University. Muslims participating from Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Chiba, then delivered their presentations regarding Dawah. From Nagoya Masjid, we introduced, along with examples, how important the Masjids are in becoming the first door for approaching Islam, for the Japanese that are interested in it. We also suggested that activities involving the youth should be more emphasized throughout the country.
In the second half, Muslims from Okayama, Yokohama, Saitama, including Muslimahs and a young second-generation Muslim, joined in for a discussion. The content of the discussion has been concluded in the following joint statement below.
9 Articles Regarding ‘Dawah’ in Present-day Japan

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This meeting was also the first conference of Japan Islamic Scientific Council. The rules regarding the council were mentioned, and participants were invited to join. The council membership is open to anyone that agrees with its aims as well as the joint statements made in the past. For those interested, please contact Prof. Atsushi OKUDA’s Laboratory for Arabic Islamic Studies in the e-mail address below.
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*Past joint statements can be viewed here
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