Thursday, 9th of February, 2017
We joined a seminar about hospitality towards Muslims that was directed to business operators who are related to tourism in Aichi prefecture.

170209170209aTime: 9th of February
Sponsor: Aichi prefecture
Support of: Chubu District Transport Bureau
Lecturers: a speaker from Masjid Nagoya in addition to a section chief of department of inbound tourism in “Meitetsu Tourism Service co.Ltd”, and the representative of Muslim friendly project in Hida Takayama.

The (lecturer from) Masjid Nagoya introduced doctrine and customs of Islam and asked a favor of offering the information that enable the Muslims who have various points of views to judge themselves. The speaker from Meitetsu kindly explained the importance of sharing the information that Muslim tourists require by talking about individual cases. The speaker from Hida Takayama kindly talked about correspondence to Muslims after the conversion in the approach which has became not depending on Halal certification, along with his rich experiences.

Although each (of the speakers) talked from a different position, they had in common the assertion that correspondence to Muslims is not difficult. In addition to that operators of various kinds of business related to tourism in Aichi prefecture kindly gathered, we think it was also a good chance to let them kindly understand that full correspondence is possible with a hospitality of normal posture.

Here is the video of the news related to the above seminar: