A staff from a Bahrain TV production company “An One” came to Japan. Their plan is to film a special daily coverage from Japan during Ramadan and broadcast it in various Middle East countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. They have already made their coverage in Tokyo and Kanagawa, and today they are stopping in Nagoya. Nagoya mosque has cooperated with the film shooting and below is its report.

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After they filmed Jumua prayer, Nagoya mosque’s representative and public relations responsible person talked about present situation of Islam in Japan and activities of the mosque. At that very time there was visiting the mosque a Japanese person who is concerned to education. That person talked about the image that Japanese people have about Islam. Also, junior and senior high school Muslim male students attended in a hurry and took their time explaining about the life in Japanese schools and interchange between Muslim brothers in the mosque.

tawfik-as-sayeghThe interviewer was Master Taufeeq Assayigh. He is a famous Imam in the Middle East known as a Qur’an reciter with beautiful unique voice. Their next plan is to perform film shooting at Osaka and Kobe.
(You can listen to Master Taufeeq Assayigh’s Qur’an recitinghere