The seventh (annual) meeting of representatives of mosques (in Japan) was held in Waseda University.

Time: 31st of January 2015 (Saturday)
Place: classroom No.801, in building No.3, in Waseda campus of Waseda University
 Organization of Islamic area studies in Waseda University
 Waseda University base of “Program of National Institutes for Humanities, Islamic area studies”
 Institute for Multi-ethnic and Multi-generational Societies in Waseda University
 Institute for Asian Muslim Studies in Waseda University
Theme: “Planning the young Muslims’ future; (their) education, work, life”

Representative of Masjid Nagoya attended the (above) seventh meeting of representatives of Masjids.
Under the title “Planning the young Muslims’ future” there was discussed how the Muslims’ children, including the second generation, would face their employment and marriage (problems).
The presentations given by 3 young Muslims were splendid role models to refer to, because they were experiences of success gained after going through even a conflict between Japanese values and being a Muslim. Also, with every report presented by areas’ mosques there was a significant discussion about the role that the mosque performs towards the problems which young Muslims face.

会議2 あみん2

※ The over all report (of the meeting) is shown on the home page of Organization of Islamic area studies in Waseda University.
Here is the link for interested people