We heartily express our sympathy to all people who were struck on 14th of April by the earthquake whose seismic centre was in Kumamoto locality of Kumamoto prefecture with a maximum seismic intensity as seven degree. In this context, Masjid Nagoya is requesting your kind money donations and commodities/ goods provisions. We appeal to the warm support of all of you.

In case of transferring money donations:
Aichi Bank, Honjin Branch, Ordinary account, 2056720, account name: Masjid Nagoya.
Reception period: from Monday, 18th of April, 2016 till Saturday, 30th of April, 2016.
All amounts received through transfers within the above period will be treated as donations. Fukuoka Masjid is receiving transfers as well.

In case of bringing money donations directly to mosque:
A collection box for donations will be prepared at Friday’s prayers on 22nd and 29th of April. On other than these two days, please use box of Sadaqa to deliver your donations but in an appearance that obviously shows its purpose as donations for Kumamoto.

In case of providing support commodities /goods:
In order to let the the goods provisions reach the spot Kumamoto even one minute earlier; we are not collecting them at mosque.
The provisions could be used as early as tomorrow if they are directly sent to Fukuoka Masjid, which is receiving victims from Kumamoto.

Below is a quotation from website of Fukuoka Masjid.
[request of the support supplies offer of the Kumamoto earthquake] undertakes the following support supplies by a Fukuoka masjid in a hurry. Difficulty becomes buying water in particular Fukuoka.

Necessary thing

  1. Water
  2. Food including dried foods, the canned food which I can eat without using the water
  3. No-rinse rice
  4. Diaper, sanitary products
  5. Milk for babies

3-2-18, Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 812-0053 Fukuoka
Telephone 092-641-7022
Mobile  080-3428-1661 (Japanese)
080-3428-1593 (English))
It is higher than present conditions.
I fill the box with only the as possible same things, and, please specify what is put in the upper part of the box. Blend journalizing takes time.
Thank you for your cooperation.