Time: 23rd ~24th of March
Place: Takayama City and Shirakawa Village in Gifu prefecture
Attendee: Two Malaysians and two Japanese

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Establishments of lodging, food and drink (up to the order of passing by them):

  1.  1. Aji no Yohei; Sukiyaki / and Teppanyaki samples, prepared with Halal chicken and alcohol-free Shouyu , prayer possible in a Tatami room in the second floor, prayer mat arranged, ablution mainly using a (usual) washroom, in case of necessity to wash feet → in a floor separated by a standing partition with a pet bottle and a washtub (arranged)
  2. Tanabe Ryoukan; richly varied Kaiseki Zen samples, Lamen with Halal Chaashuu , treated with alcohol-free Miso and Shouyuc
  3. Motobuto no Shou; Houba Misog set meal/ and Iwana set meal samples, prepared with Halal chicken/ alcohol-free Misog/ and Shouyuc, prayer possible in veranda
  4. Ekimae noki; samples of Misog Lamene/ Shio Lamene/ and chicken curry, Halal chicken, products processed with protein of Daizu , treated with alcohol-free Misog, prayer possible in a wide space separated by a standing partition, prayer mat and Qiblah compass arranged0324-4  0324 0325-4 0325-5
    Other Establishments and stores (up to the order of passing by them):
  5. Hirayu no Mori; two chartered open-air baths, prayer possible in a wide changing room, lodging in a cottage with a chartered open-air bath in the same house also possible
  6. Alplaza Bakery; Halal dough purchased from Malaysia used
  7. Noix De Coco; sample of Takayama Purin , animal raw materials or alcohol not used
  8. Artigiano; Italian restaurant, private room for prayer arranged but bounded for group customers with beforehand reservation
  9. Bunrindou; Rakugan , animal raw materials or alcohol not used
  10. Fukujuan; Fruit Daifuku , animal raw materials or alcohol not used
  11. Otowaya; Dagashi , animal raw materials or alcohol not used, ingredients shown in EnglishDSC06298 0324-2 DSC06391 DSC06381