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2017.3.26 concerned subjects (5); Why Muslims don’t commit suicide?

・I am glad I am getting to understand Islam, though little by little. After I have heard Obari’s speech, I feel it is necessary to arrange my own way of life and way of thinking.

2017.2.29 Introducing Homeland (5); Country of Curry and world-heritaged Mohenjo-daro historical ruins; Pakistan

い Since what I knew about Pakistan was almost what I studied in my geography lessons, I enjoyed very much listening (to the lecture). It was interesting.
There were a lot of things I did not know before; such as that there are indeed various diversities in the same country. It was interesting.
 I used to think it is roughly like India. However, because (I know now that) Pakistan is different, even though the roots of its food (for example) is same as Indian one, Pakistan has entered my consciousness now and I would like to visit Pakistan. The young man who performed the presentation gave a highly favorite impression because he seemed resolute and handsome.
 Thanks to the very skilful explanation I could understand very well. The presenter’s Japanese is very good. Patrolling in the mosque was very nice too. I want to go to Pakistan.

2017.1.29 concerned subjects (4); Now I understand! rules of food for Muslims, Halal food

 I used to hear before that Halal food means that it is forbidden to eat pork, but when I learned (today) that (pork) is permitted in special situations I noticed that there is a flexible thinking in the (Islamic) divine precepts. Also I realized that (Muslims) can eat fish and unexpectedly other various things.
 I gained (good) knowledge (today) because I was able to hear a lot of things related to Islam culture which is usually not familiar (in Japan). There are Muslim friends of mine at school, however, now I feel I got nearer to understand their matter better. The profundity of Halal demarcation in Islamic culture is surprising.
 Previously I used to make a package of Halal food products in my work, but I did not understand well about Halal and Haram, so I was glad to learn many and even new things in this lecture, and to be able to listen to a speech which gets me to the point.

2016.12.25 Eighth Class, Introducing Homeland (4);
The island country floating across 5000 kilometers between east and west with varicolored races and traditions; Indonesia:

 I gained a great knowledge after you kindly taught me a lot of things I didn’t know about Indonesia. I realized that Indonesia is a very charming country because of its multifarious languages and cultures.
 By using photos and (other) data in the presentation of Indonesia your kind explanation was very easy to understand. There was a lot of information that I hear for the first time.
 It is only my third time; but thanks to you each time was very pleasant and interesting. I believe it was very good that I learned very clearly about various countries. Thank you very much.

2016.11.27, Seventh class, Concerned Subjects (3); Truth about polygamy and female rights

 I think polygamy is frequently picked up as an Islam’s characteristic thing, but it is now a very interesting thing to me after I became able (today) to see details of its underlining teachings. Although it is a religious teaching, it is not such a rigid thing, rather I have felt it is like a morality or a wisdom that makes the life smooth, and have felt that it is in fact quite near even to the Japanese sense.
 In today’s lecture, although I listened to an explanation of (only) one of the teachings of Islam, I realized that teachings of Islam are broad-minded.
I believe that human is not a perfect being; because he can not be perfect 100% in living according to God’s desire. Therefore, we can think that God has kindly prepared even for cases in which a human fails, commits some sins, or faces special cases, and He is teaching the human courses and methods to lead his life nicely (in such cases).

2016.10.30, Sixth Class, Introducing Homeland (3); Known as Ceylon previously, the country of tea floating in the Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka:

161027%e5%b2%90%e9%98%9cI learned about the features of Sri Lanka, such as its situation, its religions, its demographic ethnic structure, and its activities, thereby my understanding was greatly deepened. And the explanation was good.
In addition, with the interchange through patrol round the mosque and sharing lunch it was all greatly meaningful.
Since understanding each other is the most important thing nowadays on which there is chaos all over the world, I am looking forward to more (from you).
When I heard the word “religion” or “Islam” before, I used to have complicated feelings mixed of a flowing interest and a desire even to retreat a step backward. However, it was very nice today to be able to make friendships by talking to everybody because they were very warm. Therefore, my impression (towards religion) has changed a little, and moreover, I tend to think I managed to reconsider myself.

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