Time: August 19th or 20th , 2012 
9:30 am~ (Salat starts at 10:00 am)

Place: Port Messe Nagoya
(Koryu-Center 3F Kaigi-Hall)

Transportation: 5 minute walk from
Kinjo-Futo station on Aonami Line.
(24minutes ride from “Nagoya”)

★Kindly Note:
*Parking area for 4,100 cars is available.
*Do not park your cars on the public road to keep the good image of Islam for Japanese.
*To complete the Saum, please finish to be paid Zakat-ul-Fitr before prayer.
Zakat Box will be provided to the hall on that day.
You can also get paid in Masjid Nagoya during Ramadan.

For the date confirmation, call the following numbers after 9:30 pm on 18th August.

Masjid Nagoya: 052-486-2380
Minato Masjid: 090-3251-5381 Kasugai Masjid: 090-8869-1120 Al Mustafa Masjid: 090-9124-1019
090-7032-6409 / 080-4220-9375 / 090-8151-5706 / 090-3308-3660 / 080-3682-6565

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