6th November, 2011
9:30 am~ (Salat starts at 10:00 am)

Following to the Japanese Fire Service Law, the hall’s capacity is 250 people.
If the capacity is over, prayer may be separated to several times.
In the case, please wait at the adjacent park, Fukiage Kouen.

Observation Hall
9th Floor of Fukiage Hall
2-6-3 Fukiage, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya

*5 minutes walk from exit No.5
“Fukiage” on Sakuradori Line.
(13 minutes from “Nagoya”)

★Please use the Parking Lot.
(Fukiage Parking Area and Fukiage Chuotai Parking Area can be parked beside the parking Lots inside the Building) Do not park your cars on the public road.

★Eating and Drinking are prohibited in the halls.
Do not bring any foods or drinks.

For the date confirmation, call the following numbers after 9:30 pm on 27th October.
052-486-2380 Masjid Nagoya
090-7032-6409 / 080-3654-4550 / 090-3251-3581 /
090-6077-0696 / 090-8869-1120 / 090-9124-1019 / 090-1827-7726

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