3rd September 2022 (Sat)

 Before the kids` study gathering, we had guest speakers from the local police station. The 4 officers are from Nakamura police station, which we`re always grateful for their daily service for the locals` safety. Their session started with the greeting of “As-Salam Alaykum ” and then continued about road safety, as well as precaution against the kidnappers and other suspicious people. Main points from that session goes as following below………

・Intersections are a hot spot of traffic accidents. Especially when someone is entering there from a one-way road with a bicycle, riders should be careful because most of the passing drivers aren’t paying much attention.

・At night, walkers (especially kids) are hard to notice depending on their clothing. To be noticed by other drivers, walkers should be wearing bright colored or light reflecting items. *To avoid the risk of getting hit by any vehicles. (Officers demonstrated how reflective materials reflect light better than other items, by using special tools)

・Not all the people with ill intent have suspicious appearance, if you notice any traits below you should be careful.

1: They keep talking to you even though they`re a stranger to you.
2: They keep staring at you.
3: They follow you.
4: They take pictures of you.

・Kids should have their emergency buzzer attached to the shoulder belt of their school bags, so that they can immediately reach & use it when they need help but aren’t capable of raising their shouts. Also keep the eye on remaining battery, reload the battery if necessary. Also, there are safe places for kids to seek refuge as listed below, so please instruct your kids to do so if necessary.

1: Any shops or convenience stores where there are people
2: Partnered facilities or shops for child protection protocol known as “Kodomo-hyakutoban-no-ie”

 Lastly, the officers left the kids with many gifts. For example, reflective materials that can be attached to their bags or bicycles, and also various stationeries were given such as rulers, drawing notes and writing pads. Also, the instruction fliers for internet safety were handed. Then we took our group photo while kids borrowed officers` hats.
 Great thanks to each of the officers for giving us and the kids precious and informative time together, we really appreciate it.