2017/10/10 (Tue)
Young Buddhist Association from Shinshu Otani-ha, Nagoya Kyo-ku Kyouka Center, 1st Group, and 21st Group have visited the Masjid.

DSC_1229 DSC_1232

We had the pleasure to give a talk to the monks of Shinshu Otani-ha, 2 years ago in Higashi-Betsuin (More details can be seen here.) This time, the young monks came to the Masjid for their Annual Joint Study Session. The topic requested to us was “Comparing Religions” and “Regarding IS”. We introduced Islam to them along these topics, and they were kind enough to stay and witness the Maghrib prayer afterwards.
Despite our difference in religion, the devotion to faith and the prayers for peace, are common amongst Muslims as well as Buddhists. In hopes that knowing each other leads to eliminating any prejudice, we wish to deepening our relationships in the future.