By the kindness of people in the town block, we got the chance to attend two events. We are grateful that they familiarly accepted Muslims who gather at Masjid as members of the town block. Below is the coverage (of the events).

2017. 2. 18 (Saturday)
マーブル染め_170220_0001マーブル染め_170219_0022In the community center, 7 (Muslim) children and their parents merged with the large number of parents and children from the town block and experienced Marbling.They were going on choosing several pigments of their favored colors, dropping them in the solution and stirring, and just when they made the marble pattern they stained a stone or a handkerchief by dipping it (in the liquid). The individual character of each of the children could be felt by the careful color choosing by some children, by progressing without taking time by others, and also by their pattern-producing. Everybody was enjoying himself, and there were even children who stayed till the end and were allowed to perform (staining) several times.

2017. 3. 1 (Wednesday)
DSC_0854DSC_0822We received a kind invitation from a neighboring tea ceremony classroom’s teacher, so 9 persons, including high school and university students, participated. In the ceremony room, there was an atmosphere of spring which could be felt because of the arrangements of a hanging scroll with a drawing of Hina (dolls) that contains the inscription of “Touka Shunpu ni Emu” , and decorating peach-colored flowers. The participants alternately experienced the role of a visitor who receives the tea and the preparer.It was extremely delicious with the beautiful pieces of Koubai and glowing Higashi , and with the nice aroma of the powdered tea. We were kindly allowed to have the precious experience of touching the Japanese culture.