In Nagoya mosque, Iftar meal is offered everyday during Ramadan.
Including males and females, a total of 100~300 persons would gather and receive food that differs from day to day between menus of all counties such as Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey and Japan.
We are enjoying a pleasant meal time with students and working persons (who come on purpose of visiting the mosque itself), and even neighbours who live near the mosque, in addition of course to all Muslim brothers and sisters.
You can attend any of these Iftar meals for free. Invite your friend after arranging time with him and join us. (As for guests who will be attending for the first time we will provide a detailed guidance if they kindly inform us by Email.)

This is a look of the iftar.
16Iftar (38) 16Iftar (32)

This is a look of the iftar with Japanese visitors
16Iftar (37) 16Iftar (31)