We heartily express our sympathy to all people who were struck by the earthquake whose seismic centre was in Kumamoto locality of Kumamoto prefecture. Below we present the report about the money collected in Masjid Nagoya for donation support.

Total of donations was 310,000 yens. That amount breaks down into the followings.
Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Amount that was kindly delivered into donation box of Masjid Nagoya: 205,066 yens
  • Amount that was kindly delivered into donation box of Gifu Masjid: 81,087 yens
  • Amount that was kindly transferred to Masjid’s bank account: 23,847 yens

The above total amount will be divided into three parts and sent to the below destinations:

  • Kumamoto prefecture (for works of struck area’s restoration, revival and such)
  • Donation for victims (donations delivered directly to victims)
  • Kumamoto Masjid (mosque’s restoration and support for Muslim victims)

We have heard that in Kumamoto Masjid, out of its three floor building, the second and third floors partly received a destructive damage, but performing usual prayer is possible in the first floor. As there are even Muslims who seem to have refuged to Fukuoka and Hiroshima, we hope the original situation of peace will be restored as early as even one day and a most Muslims will be able to gather again in Kumamoto Masjid.

Still to be mentioned, receiving goods/ commodities in Fukuoka Masjid is temporarily suspended. As regards ways or activities of support please refer to home page of Fukuoka Masjid.