A lecture was given by a Professor from Keio University called Okuda Atsushi. His speech was about researches in the university about Islam, the situation of the (research) department there, and the recent circumstances surrounding “Halal” in Japan, all accompanied by examples. After that, he talked warmly about importance of Islam while exchanging questions and answers with children of the second generation.

Time: on Thursday, 27th of February 2014, from 15:30 till 19:00.
Place: second floor of Nagoya mosque.

DSC_0143The first section; was addressed to Muslima (sisters)
・The business related to Halal certification in Japan is recently crowd and competitive. Various systems (companies) come to my place too asking me to talk about that; however, people who don’t even understand anything about Islam are joining the business because they have known that it is a profitable one. Halal (business) related to foods tends to be highly concerned. However, the basics of Islam are pillars of worship and belief, so Muslims themselves should study well their Islam, and should be careful not to be manipulated by the profit-based business of Halal.
・All things are made by Allah. And science is the means that explicates to humans the wisdom of Allah (in His creating). Therefore, in my seminar, it is good to research about anything without being tied to the name of the scientific subject.
・When a new discovery or a (research) fruit is noticed, it should not be ascribed to the intelligence of the researchers but to (grace of) Allah Who granted the realization (of that discovery to the researchers).

Since professor Okuda represents the position of a researcher and a Muslim at the same time, we were able to inquire about rich suggestive subjects of various fields.

DSC_0161The second section; was addressed to children from (Muslims’) second generation.
・I became a Muslim after I had noticed through my researches that there was no other than Islam who can save the world. I became a Muslim when I was 39 years old, but as for the young like you it is from now on. I think you are considered strange persons by the people round you since you were accidentally born in Japan in which Muslims are few. However, it is not right at all (that you are strange). It is Muslims who are going to save the world, and that is you.
・As regards angels; when I drop my wallet for example and someone finds it for me, I don’t just think I am lucky, rather I make myself think that angels urged (him) to do that. If we look at matters with such feelings we find that there are many angels everywhere.
・The following question came from one child [it is coming in news that people who are killing each other are Islam extremists, and I feel sad they are doing non-Islamic thing, what do you think professor?].
Professor’s answer was [That is not Islam. Since there are various things they don’t know due to their incomplete studying (of Islam), they imagine it is only them who are right. One can see different kinds of (such) things while living in Japan. That’s why studying is important. There are many things I wish you to study. And also if you keep making good relations with surrounding people, you can have them understood that those whom they are seeing in news are not Muslims. And you have a responsibility because when you do harsh things (to people round you) it will be thought that Islam is really such a harsh religion. Since media is intended for acquiring money, it is false. The human warm relations are more positive (than media), so please establish good human relations.]

Also as regards other various subjects such as significance of reading Qur’an, professor Okuda directed his speech to children talking warmly and in a very easy way to understand.

Impressions of the children:
・Being a Muslim was my first suffering, but after hearing speech of Professor Okuda it became my pride. (elementary school 6th grade male)
・The speech that there are many angles everywhere was very nice. (junior high school 2nd grade male)
・It was very interesting and easy to understand. I feel pity for the children who could not come. (junior high school 1st grade female)
・After hearing the speech, I became keen to be more conscious of Allah in my usual days. (junior high school 2nd grade male)