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Procedures of Embracing Islam

Procedures of Embracing Islam in Nagoya Mosque

We hold ceremonies of embracing Islam (Shahaadah) and issue an Islam (embracing) certificate in Nagoya Mosque.
Islam certificate is necessary to get married to a Muslim, to perform major or minor pilgrimage (Hajj or Umrah to Mecca), and to get buried (after death).
We are glad to receive those who have questions regarding embracing Islam in Nagoya Mosque for discussion. We strongly recommend (those who want to embrace Islam) to understand teachings of Islam before embracing Islam.
Those who want to embrace Islam are kindly asked to use Email to make an appointment. Here is the contact link

  1. Required documents:
     1. Identification document (such as passport or driving license)
     2. One’s seal
     3. Identification photographs; (3X4 cm) X 2 photos for each person.
  2. There are cases in which we can not respond to those who come directly to mosque (without an appointment), therefore, please be sure to make an appointment via Email.
  3. Ceremony of embracing Islam is held at the first floor of Nagoya Mosque.
  4. Islam certificate will be handed about one week after the ceremony.

Those who intend to embrace Islam; please perform a purification Ghusul (shower or a bath) before coming to the mosque.

Detailed answers to questions such as “what kind of things to do when embracing Islam?” could be found among frequently questions at this link, have a look please

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